Covid-19 Update

– Our borders (airports) have been open to all countries since 1 October 2020,  and remain open to citizens of all countries, without exception.
– Travellers need only provide a valid certificate of a negative test obtained not more than 72 hours before departure and as normal, will need to show Letter of Authority that Stillking Films will help arrange. That takes only 24-48 hours for all oversight crew (Director, DOP, Production Team, Client and Agency).
– No quarantine on arrival in South Africa. 
– A person must wear a face mask at all times when out in public but may remove if exercising or once inside a restaurant or bar.
Restaurants & Hotels
– Hotels and restaurants are open for business whilst adhering to social distancing and all safety protocols.

Filming Locations

– All locations types are open to filming, including public spaces like beaches and parks.